Mossgreen consignors applaud Grey House Partners

In only 6 weeks Grey House Partners (Greyhouse) resolved all issues for consignors and the landlord.

Consignors and the Clayton landlord are applauding Greyhouse overwhelmingly for its innovative approach to resolving issues with Mossgreen warehouse goods. In only 6 weeks, Greyhouse resolved all issues by:

  • returning goods to almost 200 consignors free of charge
  • conducting an on-site auction, selling goods for approximately 50 consignors on 28th June 2018
  • vacating the Clayton warehouse, allowing the landlord to re lease the property
  • removing abandoned goods for a separate auction. These goods will be dealt with under the Australian Consumer and Fair-Trading Act 2012 (Vic).

Background: Greyhouse appointed Agents over Goods abandoned by Mossgreen Administrators

On 14th May 2018, Andrew Beck and Ben Verney were appointed Agents to the Goods abandoned by the voluntary administrators of Mossgreen at 1 Torteval Place, Clayton (“the Premises”).

Please click HERE to download further details of our appointment.

Your feedback and testimonials

Greyhouse appreciates the overwhelming feedback and testimonials received during our 6-week program resolving issues experienced by consignors and the Clayton landlord.

You have been generous in your support, yet we believe we were unable to complete the process with minimal cost and disruption to consignors and the Clayton landlord without initiating:

  • a clear communication process through the Greyhouse website
  • practical commercial solutions with owners of the goods
  • good working relationships with previous Mossgreen employees.

Please click HERE to download a summary of your feedback and testimonials supporting our innovative approach to resolving all issues you experienced with Mossgreen Goods.

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