Why Greyhouse

We identify triggers and develop solutions

At Greyhouse, we utilise our corporate and turnaround experience when working with businesses and key stakeholders to identify key triggers causing distress and consider all available options to solve business issues.

We understand that business owners/directors are real people often facing real distress. To help these businesses we simplify complexity, quickly identify key triggers and implement practical and efficient solutions in a friendly, encouraging and empathetic environment.

We provide clear, impartial, efficient and effective advice that:

  • analyses the current financial position of the business
  • assesses the viability of the business
  • summarises the options available and the nature and consequences of an insolvency appointment
  • recommends an appropriate course of action
  • protects the interests of stakeholders.

We will advise you of the most effective and efficient solution to your distress, simply and appropriately.

Intermodal Staffing